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Hey There Hater Lyrics

Audio Push – Hey There Hater Lyrics

Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
We fly you hate so we sit back and wave and tell 'em
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater
Hey there hater

[Verse 1 : Oktane]
I wish I could care about a hater, I'm paid
And I wish I could get mad cause you good, I'm great
A dude talkin bout what i got on? Mistake
And I don't use my middle fingers, I wave
So welcome to my life I call it the limelight
I say I'm dope and I'm right you would disagree
You prolly stop at stoplights and argue that I'm not right
Your girl thinks that I'm tight and she's leavin' with me
And you can get mad she just throw it in the bag
And me I just laugh boy I ain't afraid of you
And normally I pass because you talkin' trash
And I remember that that's just what haters do
You still double dribble
While we just ball hey hey hey I am him
You go on and wave at the boss
And I don't like to cuss
Cause that just don't fit me at all
So when I wave I'm kinda flippin' you off
Put it to 'em like


[Verse 2 : Pricetag]
I tell 'em haters haters I see you hatin'
Prayin' for my downfall I see you waitin
Wishin' that you was me
I see you gazin'
All these haters causin' an invasion
But they say
(Price can't rap) What?
(His dreams too high) Nah
(His tats ain't real)
(And his jeans too tight) Whatever
(All he is is the jerk) Please
(He'll never get paid) Sike
(His eyebrows are dirt) Uh uh
His lip rings gay
I-I just pass 'em pass em look at em (Pass 'em)
Put a million dollars on my ticket then cash 'em
Flash em and show em what they ought to be
I step back Pull out my cash
And let it talk for me
I'm on fire No sizzle
I aim no pistol
I recline in my chair
And make it rain no drizzle
For all them haters sayin'
Audio is just a phase
I put the gear in 4 and smash off
Then i wave and tell em


[Verse 3 : Price]
So when you see the dude muggin'
Wishin' that he was in ya space
Point at 'em in the face
And wave at 'em x8
And if you see the girls starin' hatin' on your fly
Just laugh at the lays
And look directly in they eyes
And wave at 'em x8
And then you say to 'em

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