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Come Alive Lyrics

Audio Push – Come Alive Lyrics

Boy: Man I can't believe I'm about to let you drive right now
Girl: Listen, just get in I got this
Oh yea and one more thing my car, my music, none of that trendy shit

Word up come alive
Word up wassup [x6]

[Verse 1: Price]
Let me tell you what I wrote to this shit
I wrote this verse with my left and didn't even stress
I'm right handed and still gonna kick it the best yea
Born with it ain't never needed to prep
Cooked it up on my own I ain't need a chef
These other rappers need assistance in the kitchen
It's hard for me to transition all that fiction
Shaking haters while trying to shake up the system
Young nigga turn them isms to income
Betray is the outcome feeling like Malcolm X or in the middle
Tryna stay civil make a dime from a nickel
A brick from a dime these others tryna get rich one trick at a time
Oochie wally give it all for that oochie wally
Room full of hotties you know I'm catching bodies
Ima 360 flip you a ollie who can stop me
I go Broly that's the ultimate Saiyan you gon have to pop me

[Verse 2: Oktane]
Ok I wrote this from the brain so it all comes from the top
I always go insane so I don't know when to stop
Fallback so I can shoot my shot (nigga, huh, look)
And I see how they looking at a nigga when his shot go cold man them is not yo bros
Welcome to the center view where everybody act like they want to be friends with you
And now I answer questions like the interviews
But I ain't mad you just tryna fuck a winner too and right now I'm Steph Curry with the spitting
Good girls try to fit in stand with the bad girls get mad you don't know the difference (damn) them sad girls
I been catching a lot of planes, catching a lot of stats
Catching a lot of people talking shit behind my back
That's how the game go, that's how the world spins
But with a DM I can jump inside your girlfriend
But see I go and stop her control put my girl on a chopper
Cause I'm tryna live life proper
Don't nobody do it this mean off the top so crisp clean
It's the tribe for the 16 nigga

Word up come alive
Word up wassup [x6]
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