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Ask Me Lyrics

Audio Push – Ask Me Lyrics

I think you should pop it lemme lookie , if you ask me
Throw you boy that all sukie sukie, if you ask me
All these others niggas just some rookies, if you ask me
Stop the beat and bust it open, baby throw dem ass cheeks

[Verse 1 : Pricetag]
They call me Price and I'm the realest nigga breathing, if you ask me
Step up on the scene with fifty heatens, bitch we past deep
You smoke? All I ask is that you ash before you pass me
Any weed cause if you don't
The chances are that you be gettin' your ass beat
Cause every nigga with me with the shit
You throw a function we gon' pull up quick
I pull your car out and I will pull your bitch
I'm full of sativa you full of shit
Said that you real but the life you live kinda fake
We the Plug, we on our power trip
B-O-Dub i'm on my tower shit, watchin' you at the top
Said knock it boy, knock it off!
Pull up that ass on my lap baby drop it off
Girl come and get nasty
Pipin' that pussy you callin' me papi
She ride me then pay me, she love to play taxi
You fuck niggas that hate they wanna attack me
Bitch at me daily, but never come at me
I told her get ratchet she told me that's tacky
You want my opinion, I'll tell you it gladly

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2 : Oktane]
Young nigga with finesse, flyest youngin' out the west
And she be shakin' like a Juvie video with nothin' on under the dress
And she hate when niggas call her ratchet
Cause she ain't that but with the girl
She'll back it up and make it clap
I just notice I ain't rapping I'm stating facts
They need something to shake to so where’s it at
There go the bounce, Imma show up on announce high off announce
Everybody wanna talk in the club, bitch I'm high on a couch
Watching your girl, she watchin' me tryna get hit
Me, I'm just tryna get lit
You the type to cuss her out if she don't give
You play off the rip Man you's a bitch, Uh
She only shakin' in for winners, homie
And I got the whole city dependin' on me
So it's different only because I get pay to show up
And you just with you homies
So where the bottle service (there go dem bottles)
I see the models twerkin' (there go dem models)
Cause B-O-Dub just came and take over the city
Blue up that stop on purpose
I'm feelin' unstoppable god damn
You think you can stop me you should stop playin'
Cause I'm Kobe or Jordan and if this is the court
And these women keep sayin' this my jam
And everyday i'm gettin' colder and colder
My soldiers here standin' shoulder to shoulder
And I was really high, If I remember right
I think I took a hit and I just told her that

[Hook] x2
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