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Aly And Aaliyah Lyrics

Audio Push – Aly And Aaliyah Lyrics

[Verse 1 : Pricetag]
See my girl's name was Aly
Said she was a christian and she grew up in the Valley
Had her own spot, her wheep paid off
Her hair stay done, her lips stay gloss
I said "Do you know me?" - She said "Yes you rap"
I asked "Do you got a number I can text you at?"
She laughed
Then we talked later 'till our eyes got heavy
We started with sushi dates, hoo she likes
Kissed on the cheek, movie nights
A college girl, yeah she ran the spot
On top of that she said that she got a friend of Okt
Man it seems so perfect, seems so worth it
Maybe I should work it, how bad could the worst get?
But I spoke too soon, man I shoudn't spoke so soon
Because a year passed and she was crying so much
She was like [?]
But it was all a act, cause all in fact
She was cheating with the college team quaterback
Tears fallin' from my cheek to my arm
Cause I'm in her place finding boxes [?] in her dorm
Man, dawg it can't be true
Baby girl this can't be you
Because the bad girls, you said you weren't like them
But I hacked in your MySpace [?] seing what you write him
But is another message ringin' on
With a profile I couldn't get my finger on
Why? This was a chick I loved to talk with
The one I planned to take that long higher walk with
Feel like I'm at the bottom of [?]
I'mma get to bottom of this

Aly: Hello?
Price: Yo
Aly: Yeah wassup?
Price: Yo where you at right now?
Aly: Hmm, I'm at Aaliyah's
Price: Okay, okay... What you do last night?
Aly: Hmm we were just chillin'
Price: Nah... see, see.. that ain't even what I heard man
Aly: What... What you talkin' about?
Price: Nah I'm tired of you liyin' dawg..
Aly: What?!
Price: I'm, I'm done with you

[Verse 3: Oktane]
Aly introduced me to Aaliyah
Beautiful and named after one of my favorite singers
And I believed her, the way she flipped her hair
Even the way she moved
It all felt true
I started findin' out my favorite stories was all fictions
Impossible's the mission
Everything was an act from [?] to a kissin'
Except for the lovin' [?]
But I can't tell the difference between a real and a fake female
Till I realize they both are the same female
Each of 'em just have little difference and detail
They all share that same addiction to retail
Evertytime you on the phone, eyes off the world
Tellin' me you on the phone with one of your girls
Sometimes I hear a girl voice but that ain't cool
A few time I heard you slipped of and say Andrew
You, good game, you did all that
And you right, we ain't married, we won't spit all that
Keep them kicks I get you, I'll keep these few hats
My J's still clean, my stereo still slaps
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