Small girl, you don't know the thing
I am teaching you the thing
You are playing with the thing 2x
I say push it up, push it up
Move am, move am
Wind am wind am slow
Make you no dey rush am
Move am move am
Aso we go

Take it slow baby and wind for me
Move it closer and do let me see
You want to know the thing, you for be humble
Make you no dey take am dey gamble
Ino be gidigidi ibe simple
Make you no dey rush am so you no go fumble
Y[de agort yi reba wo fie [de[n ne amirikatuo yi
I can give to you all nite long
If you feel it sing the song
Y[b[hyeea hyeea ay[ sono
Y[b[hye soa hye so a agye s[ antpa ntn krono
(Gye s[ antpa ntn krono) ansaana y[bie y[n pono yeaa
P wizzle tell al di likkle gal dem


2ND verse (Bradez)
I be king, I treat you like queen
Take a ring, before we do a thing
You be the reason why everyday, I love to sing
Shake ma me ma me, wind again again and again
Y[ ne nt[mt[m, [ny[ slow lyrics from museke. Com
S[ wogyaee a [ny[ buoo
Abrante[ hw[ m'ani nsuo
Y[ny[ mmtfra so y[bt nkuro
†nye babtne na mmom Thye s[ tamale
So sweet like a freezy lemonade
S[ wose wodt me a, saman me
She be hot like some body
Wei de[ samale kora nhu nea mahu yi

(Atumpan) ibe we wey dey run the game
We dey do am not only for fame
We get love for it all the same
Atumpan, talking drum, the name
You be the apprentice wey ibe master
If I dey call you say yes master
I go show you make you learn am faster
I be your teacher I no be your pastor
Teacher Atumpan, teaching chemistry and physics
I be you get the line, touch ma body make we start with kisses
I be your teacher teaching you chemistry and physics
If you do am well, you go fi end up being ma Mrs.

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The Thing Lyrics

Atumpan – The Thing Lyrics

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