As I close the gates to trauma
I get caught by (the) shades of regret.
Bleeding eyes stare, from the inside,
At mirrors that reflect the distress.

Watch me, vigilant.

And I can't even hide,
No matter what I try.

Take my hand, rescue me
From the madness I'm in too deep.
Save my soul, feed my will,
Give me one good reason to live.

As I try to fix the faulty
I, myself, become my nemesis.
Memories are cruel disciples
Of relapse when I'm awaking.

Watch me, vigilant.

"You can't write your book
When you reject your own past,
When you reject to be the main character
You must die.
You must see you dying to know
That you're still alive."

Watch me vigilant.
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Ascent/Descent Lyrics

Atsphear – Ascent/Descent Lyrics