Sink into your couch and soak in all you can
As they feed on your laziness and thrive on your cash.
I cannot see why we all believe all the shit we're told by this fucking machine.
As all these people die and children cry you sit and waste away.
This is the time for change the time to turn it off and walk away.

Change the channel
Open your eyes this brainwashing is globalized
Destroy the media
One last time kill that seed before it shines
Shut it down
And wonder why we can't live without it's lies
We want the truth

Go to sleep at night reassured that he is there for you
Wake up in the morning another day for just the two of you.
You don't need a real friend you just depend on all the fuckin shit that fills your head.
Why do we all care what they have to say their just a pretty face with some excess change.
Get fat and obey that's the American way there's another sucker born every day.

Another slave consumed by this tv driving me insane.
Commercials full of lies with a face of deceit but who is fuckin to blame.
My mind is twisting but no one's listening. Can't see the entire screen.
My mind is lost in space this fuckin disgrace has consumed what is left of me.

All we want is what is right.
Nothing more.
Just wonder why.
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Change The Channel Lyrics

Atrocity Solution – Change The Channel Lyrics