Take me out today
Take me for a lap 'round the city
Bus driver on your way
You gotta let me out of this city
Neighbour in your fancy clothes
You wear them like a small sensation
But when the clock says "night is away"
You burn your life for the next elevation

But all inspiration that I found that you had
Is now more like the opposite of living dead
So if isolation some day will go to my head
Show me no pity, it's holiday in Panicburgh City

City servant of today
Pay your loans for your elegant living!
But maybe there is a better way
Try to love your wife and see what it's giving!

Well, time isn't walking in the rhythm of yours
But who cares about it, brother, we're on a course
If isolated mama can't get out of her door
Show me no pity, it's holiday in Panicburgh City

Clown in a plastic age
Hurry out of this big manic city
And go travel with the bus today
'Course I've seen the blue skies of this
Wonderless living
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Panicburgh City Lyrics

Atomic Swing – Panicburgh City Lyrics