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Anarchy Means I Litter Lyrics

Atom And His Package – Anarchy Means I Litter Lyrics

I got a patch. I got a pin.
Obtained political beliefs
From the same songs as my friends.
I got a five finger discount
To the little record store,
Its easier to get the stuff I want out.

And if you want fair compensation
For the work that you do,
Well then your greedy, yeah!
We have amazing names to call you.

Ever think that there's a difference
Who you're stealing from? So, fine,
I'm not punk and you are (a moron).

We're gonna tear this stupid city down.
Throw our trash, our trash, trash, trash
On the ground. (Whine Whine Whine when no bands come to town).
Liberate that bottle of malt liquor!
Oh, I get it. Anarchy means that you litter (nice!).

So, if you're flying the flag,
And you're naming the name,
Then you're setting back the ones who know how to behave.
It's a good thing this repleneshes itself,
Or who would be left to take advantage
Of your health?

Gonna drop our trash on you.
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Songwriters: Adam Goren
Anarchy Means I Litter lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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