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Verse From... Lyrics

Atmosphere – Verse From... Lyrics

(scratching big slug)
How easily I put my foot into the shoe I now boast
Simply for the chance to wiggle my toes
How little I know, that gets followed down this dead end
How much mind I misplace in the name of a girlfriend
When the world bends, and changes it's form
Ill throw a raincoat on and fornicate with a storm
Ill be the same as before, like nothing youve ever known
Trying to feel my way through the weather looking for home
But till that time arrives I'll keep designing my life
Arrive the need to survive without this disguise
Counter clockwise, cross the Is, dot the ts
And run circles around these docile hypocrisies
They don't understand, good,
Watch how long it took for them to break it down,
And find out it's not just a song it's a way of death
Its a don't take a step, it's a save your breath and then came the yes
(scratching rhyme sayer)
So heres an ode to those who feel they're under control
Like they don't have a whole firm hold on their own soul
Nothing but snow, makes for rough when it's cold
You can roll or you can cut your loss and drop your load
From the woman I know that give their partners their all
To the ones that watch and wait for their lovers to fall
To the single file line a mile long in the hall
To the ones that work the cashier jobs down at the strip malls
If the rat bites it's tale, you gonna hear it scream
This is not my life, what is it? A dream?
Between letting off steam and empty bottles redeemed
Was it hard for you to pull me apart by the seams?
Take a deep breath so you can smell the city
Put the alcohol down it's fucking up your kidney
No longer will I let them spin me round till I'm dizzy
Either walk away or walk with me
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