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Bde Maka Ska Lyrics

Atmosphere – Bde Maka Ska Lyrics

I'm at the bottom of⁠—
Already knew I was⁠—
I'm at the bottom of⁠—
Already knew I was⁠—

I'm looking at that lake like I'm waiting to break
Into your traffic
Yeah, it's overly dramatic, but it only takes one bad trip
To leave you holier than magic
I'm all alone, I feel it all in my bones
It's probably why I'm not going home
I'm sitting in the passenger seat of my own car
I don't know where my keys are, sipping on a warm
Lone Stars in the sky don't sponsor my house
That's why I pay no mind to what comes out of they mouth
I stopped pretending like I knew what to do
And let the universe push the needle into the groove
It's no substitute for the love of the truth
So who the fuck am I to be a judge for you, huh?
I fall back and let the chips descend
Go 'head, call me back when you miss your friends
And maybe later we can talk about the weather
Pick a day and we can try to get together
Bring along whatever tool you use to measure
How the temperature reacts to your temper
And lick a shot for the messenger, it's not a mess if ya
Control the stress, never let it get the best of ya
Shit, it's easier said than done
If we can't get free, might as well get dumb
Just keep it rolling and document the whole thing
As if it ain't too late, already seen where it's going
I shape shift to make it fit in any opening
That halo's gonna stay debatable until I grow some wings
You're not supposed to need a boulevard of broken dreams
To build the will to fill your bag up with some groceries
I want that middle of the lake serenity
That's why I stay alive inside your energy

Already knew I was a thief
Before I threw away the keys
They at the bottom of the lake
Even when I die I stay alive inside your energy (I'm at the bottom of the⁠—)
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