A feeling so complex,
Almost impossible to define,
The constant change of heart and the war inside my mind.
A childhood lost, no identity. We left it all behind
We paid the price for a better life
Through the toil and the strife.

The same poison that ran in his veins runs in mine.
To overcome a broken past I must draw the line
And I rise above this bitter blood.

The lack of trust to the world around us,
The constant fear of never fitting in.
Made me feel like I was born to lose.
Now I will live to win.

Hours spent learning to cover up the shame.
All these fingers pointing, trying to pin the blame.

I rise above this bitter blood,
The alienation and hostility I've known.
I stand trial through the fire and the mud.
I rise above this bitter blood.

Tonight this bitter blood dies in me...
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Bitter Blood Lyrics

Atlas Losing Grip – Bitter Blood Lyrics