Verse 1
Come on along; it's time to get it on
(Atlanta, let's meet down at the Georgia Dome(
The red and the black, we got a party at home(
We got the birds on attack, and the hunt is on((
Yeah, get up and yell; come on and puff up your chest
(It's feeding time at home in the Falcon's nest((

Knock, knock here we come(
We got 'em on the run(
Atlanta light 'em up and have some fun
Knock, knock here we go(
This roof's about to blow(
Atlanta, rock 'em so they always know
The hunt is on, and this is our home
(Let's get loud and defend the dome((

Verse 2
So get on your feet; come on and bring the heat
(We're going to shake 'em lose like a peach on tree
(Come on and get up and shout; come on and take a stand(
Come on and let 'em know they're in Falcon land((
So get up and yell; come on and puff up your chest(
It's feeding time at home, so let's put 'em to rest((

Chorus (x2)
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Defend The Dome Lyrics

Atlanta Falcons – Defend The Dome Lyrics