This one is going out to you.
To all the one's that do believe.
That there is hope in this.
That there is hope in this.

Things change but I gotta make exceptions.
I got a feeling that someone had to say this.
Where did the passion go?
Where did the passion go?

We have nothing to lose, we're nothing like you.
We won't accept the feat that something that your used to.

I can't believe that this fuckin place has turned into something like you.
It's not about the trend, your just a tough guy pretend.
Your words don't mean shit!

I've gathered enough words to judge you.
I waited so long just to tell you.
Your killing our scene.
It's fucked up and mean.
Why can't you see what you do to me?

For all of us.
For our sake we're just trying.
To over come this mess.
And rebuild what we missed.

On and on and on we go.
On and on and on...
This place has changed to something that I don't appreciate.
You all look the same, it's just not the way that it use to be.
The heart, the meaning, the message we're singing.
Holding it true. That's nothing new.


Me and my friends we'll all stay true.
There's nothing that you can't do.
We're just A dream inside of you.
There's nothing that you can't do.
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Nothing To Lose Lyrics

At The Edge – Nothing To Lose Lyrics