Pressure is closing in on me, could the reason be that we were falling down off the backs of angels so far above this dying world

So now we close our eyes and pretend it's ok while the world falls down around us
Everytime we fall down, Everytime we fall

Now the oceans are red with all the blood, rising to drown us all we stand and watch, the dead have risen and no one can see the fall of the world
Now the oceans are red with all the fucking blood

Can you see the moon burning so red tonight, screams of a dying world so cold inside, and now we look ahead to find a reason why... Here we buried paradise

Now we stand in the ashes of Eden praying to find something more than this... Now as the sky falls down bleeding all around us and still you close your eyes...
Now at the burial of our dying world you close your eyes

What have we done to the paradise that we were given

What have we done... What have we done...
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With A Dying Breath Lyrics

At Dawn We Die – With A Dying Breath Lyrics

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