So this is it
The feeling that ive missed
A subtle kind of pain
That keeps me from sleep
Try to explain
How your touch drives me insane
And i can't spend a night
Without wishing i was with you

Wanna tell you a secret
And leave it on your lips
Wanna sing it through your body
Wanna tell it through this kiss
If i told you my secret
Would you swear to keep it
Would you swear to keep it

Im watching you dance
Im seeing you smile
Still getting butterflies
Every once in a while
Feelings insist on falling
Twist on lust
A choice to care
A wish to touch

When you say never I'll say lie
When you say always I'll say true
When you say love I'll say you I'll say you
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The Taste The Touch Lyrics

Asteria – The Taste The Touch Lyrics