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Drawn Lyrics

Assembly Of Dust – Drawn Lyrics

The window was frosted and cracked
The shades were all tied and torn back
Spinning like a fan that was turning anew
I want to turn it off but I don't know how to
Indeed, honey you know it's true

My face and my are both drawn
The liquor is textured and strong
I try to figure out what I'm figuring out
It's always hard to figure what your world is about
Indeed, honey you know it's true

I wake up and I sit up and look at the time
I feel bad and good at the same time
Indeed, Honey you know it's true

The morning was yellow and red
I sat and I watched it from bed
The sun was dripping down a whited washed wall
It lit the room a little but it didn't light it all
Indeed, honey you know it's true
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