Oh mighty god where are you now
When I need you more then even
How can you turn away
And leave me here
All alone with all my fear

Stay with me - so I can see
Stay with me - and set me free

I've lost my mind - my self control
Now who I am suppose to hold
Oh mighty god - I'm losing faith
The beast will come and take my soul

God hear me when I call your name
Darkness surrounds me
And you're to blame
How can you leave me
Don't you feel ashamed
Nothing will ever be the same again
(in these flames)

Oh mighty god what can I do
I gave my life I trusted you
How could I've been such a fool
I never though you could be so cruel

God I call your name
Nothing will ever be the same again
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The Pray Lyrics

Asperity – The Pray Lyrics