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Lovers And Friends Lyrics

Asia – Lovers And Friends Lyrics

Verse 1:

Say hey boy how you doin
You been feelin me now and it's yo time to shine
When I'm wit my gurlz you see me and you wanna say hi
But I pass so fast you only get the chance to say bye don't worry the night just got started
And you might end up comin home with me tonight
And boy everytime I look at you I feel it for sho
I'm one of them gurl friends that you can't let go
I'm like oh oh boy I'm losin my mind yea
'cause once I see your eyes you'll make me change my mind
Our bodies going crazy we wanting each other baby


No I don't have a man
So lets be lovers and friends
No I don't have a man
So lets be lovers and friends

Verse 2:

Yea boy I could be yo lover
Yea boy I could be yo friend
Hell yea can hold me hold hands slow dance while the records spins
Everytime I'm wit chu boy you make me feel so comfortable
Yea I know used to play now I'm all grown up like my gurl Raven
You wanna be my lover wanna be my friend
You wanna be the only one I call on make love to and playfight with till the very end
Now I know that aint messed up so boy you better stop trippin
Bend back gurl it's time for me to get this whippin
Hell yea I like it like that and I'm not gone fight back yea smack it like that
I'm off work three whole days
So on all these days we lay my legs can go their seperate ways



We been knowin each other so long (shawty)
Time to get our grove n (shawty)
So take the time and do me right (shawty)
I feel yo body next to mine (shawty)
Baby do it one more time (shawty)
From left to right
In the middle

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