Now I'm sitting here on my own,
Don't you call me on the phone,
Baby what did I do to deserve this
Thought you were different from the first kiss
But all of these years I guess I was wrong
Some say love is just for fun
Love is just dangerous like a loaded gun
I hate to say I miss you but it's so true
When I watched you leave I didn't what to do
Baby now I'm here and I'm writing this song

Do you really mean it when you say you care
Do you really mean it when you say you'll be there
So many questions on my mind
But you know me,
I'll never ask why

Memories rushing through my head
Still keep thinking about what she said
And even though there's nothing I can do or say, your still running through my mind yeah everyday,
Even though you hurt me I want you back

All I do now is just pray,
That you'll come back in my life someday
These tears that keep falling from eyes girl
I hope you realise that you were my whole world
And it's falling to pieces in front of my face
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Never Ask Why Lyrics

Ashley Tipper – Never Ask Why Lyrics

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