We were all called in this nation
With great vision and divine intercession
Leaving behind the land of our birth
To tread on pathways that will give us more worth

We had held hands together
With kind hearts to help one another
Building this house of learning, heeding to the youth's call
To give our heirs the greatest gift of all!

So let's celebrate this shared journey
Where you and I have made a magnificent history
Standing firm, running the race, reaching a new destiny
In every mile prevailing in every way.

As we have travelled all through these years
This going gets tough and we shed tears
Lending a hand, we rose amidst those adversities
To reach our goals, and unravel life's mysteries

Chorus 2x
What can't be done, when we are one
What destinations can't be reached when we have someone
What challenges can't we face when we have each other's back
What mission can't be finished when we work together as one!
Repeat chorus 2x
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Celebrate This Shared Journey Lyrics

Ashley Cabajar – Celebrate This Shared Journey Lyrics