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Covered In Ashes Lyrics

Ashley All Day – Covered In Ashes Lyrics

[Hook: Nick Travae]

[Verse 1: Nick Travae]

[Hook: Nick Travae]

[Verse 2: Ashley All Day]
Aye bitch, why you playin' on my phone?
I only speak in plug talk, bitch you shoulda known
Flippin' that money, I stack it
Double up, make it do a back flip
Cop me a [?]
Gang, gang, really 'bout action
I want all the smoke, if you askin'
My bitches tote the tool, and they baggin', I
Just finessed your mans for some bands, he a fan
Boss bitch, got these fuckboys out here wishin' that they can

[Hook: Nick Travae]
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