Open water is no place to call home,
Rust out the iron in my lungs,
I've got fragile wings and blood so cold
Black flowers blooming in my bones
Never give up, never give in,
No time for drowning,
Never give up, never give in,
But swim my darling swim,

I see your lines on broken mirrors,
You speak with lips of darkest red,
You see the real world
It doesn't scare me,
There is darkness in my head...

Disengaged I am entertained,
Take the flowers, bring them home,
Never give up, never give in,
I do much better on my own

Never give up, never give in,
But swim my darling swim,

And you'll never know, don't you see you'll never know?
But at this rate it feels like you don't want to,
And you're slipping away,
That's the worst of it.. You're slipping away...

I miss what we had... I must admit I miss how things used to be...
We dabbled in the water, until that lake became the sea...
We are so perfectly destructible, black flowers blooming through a bed of
We are the light that's burning,
Dark words in fragile tomes,
Lost in the guise of knowing.. We haunt these fragile bones...

It shouldn't be this dark inside, the worst part is it feels better when it
All falls apart...
I'm a, one man catastrophe, I only want to be the best that I know how to
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Ghost Frequency Lyrics

Ashestoangels – Ghost Frequency Lyrics