He snake is low
In search of the prey
The grass is high
And he's on his way

The sparrow's loud
Scared for the worst
When the snake arrives
He's gonna quench his thirst

The sparrows life
Is on the line
Fight for it's young don't want to leave the world behind

The snake he's cold
Knows what he wants
Has no fear of the birds it's spirit haunts

The fear of the snake
The shady snake

The fear of death is on it's way
Feel the tremble and shake
Birds of prey even fear the snake
Feel it slither your way
You can feel it on your heels
Know that it's too late
Sparrow tried to stop the snake
The battle cry in vein
They're gone

Now you know
How the story goes
The snake he won
Feels satisfied

His belly full
Of fresh young birds
The sparrow cried
As the young ones died

The snake he's strong
Won the day
Sit's in the sun while his spirit bakes

The poor bird cried
Lost his way
Pray the snake don't return some day
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Fear Of The Snake Lyrics

Ashen Reign – Fear Of The Snake Lyrics