Ain't nothing gonna change
The way I feel about you,
So many sacrifices I made
To do what I had to do
If anybody calls me crazy
I'll just say that in love
Because god sent me an angel
From the heavens above

I never thought I could love again
Untill god brought an angel in my life
I never thought that I could love
Till god brung an angel into my life

Since you came
The world is brighter,
And if Ihad a troubled day
You, d make it better
My love for you is uncoditional
Because the way you make me
I never felt before


Sappy, pathetic little me
That was the girl I used to be
Then you came and swept me off my feet
Every night I use to pray
For you to come to me one day
And now you're what makes my
Life complete

I didn't have anyone to love me
And nobody to care,
And every night I prayed to god to send me somone like you
You changed me so much
And showed me the true me
Now I know where I want to be
Repeat twice

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Angel In My Life Lyrics

Ashanti – Angel In My Life Lyrics