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Time To Feel Lyrics

Asha – Time To Feel Lyrics

Who am I to your body and your mind?
You can find all the rainbows in the sky
Now it? S late and it? S driving me mad
I? M a fool for believing you
It? S time to feel you are my life
You? Re in my dreams destroy my mind
But you don? T know what you? Re looking for
It? S in this song and in your heart
Watching you i? M feeling good
My sweet smile is always with you
Couldn? T we talk about something else instead?
You always change your feelings
And i? M falling, falling in love with you
And the moon and the sun are laughing at me
It? S time to feel
If I could be inside your mind
And you could be inside my head
Give me in time of truth
The mystery remains
Who can live behind your eyes
Who can find peace of mind
Reaching out for a helping hand
What is the way to get your love?
How can I find out
I? Ll give to you what I am
I feel the way you would
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