Cursed and bleeding
Entranced by the darkest art
My hands carve giant sigils
In love I rip my soul apart

Guided by scarlet ligth
Blinded by clearest sight
Flesh's wonders long gone by
My heart stares into eternal light

In the distance
With glaring eyes of wrathful pride
The serpent stares
The gate is opened wide

Starved and kneeling
Born from her seed
Carrying the dagger of truth
Until the day
When flesh and spirit on longer meet

Gazing through the necroscope
A joyful dance on death's mountain
Come out of the dark
And let this flesh explode
I wash my mouth with the blood of the blind
I leave my useless skin behind

In the chambers of damnation
My body trembles in torments ecstasy
Through the gates of salvation
My spirits shall fly free

In the distance
With glaring eyes of wrathul pride
The serpent stares with love
The gate is opened wide

And I enter.
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The Serpents Gate Lyrics

Ascension – The Serpents Gate Lyrics

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