Clams Casino nigga asap
[A$Ap Rocky Verse 1]
Mr Pistol Popper, Flacko Locked And Loaded
Lifes A bitch And She pussy Pop, Know Why? Cause I Got Here Open
That pussy Soaking, fuck Is You Promoting?
Yeah You Claim You Rage A Hater[?] Like You Live In Oakland
Am A Rap Town nigga With The Booth Bag, Intrudoce You niggas To The New
Niggas Say A nigga Blew Up Too Fast
Fuck Am Suppose To Do With All This New Air
Fuck Am Suppose To Do Wth All This New Cash
Thousand Dollar Draws Just to Hold My Balls, All I Ever Do Is Let My Jewels
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LVL Lyrics

A$AP Rocky – LVL Lyrics