This is a two way road!

You're driving on the wrong side
How can you not see
Those blinding lights
They are so bright
Your not keeping your
End of the bargin
I really thought things would work out this time

But like always, I was wrong
And now we're both about to cross the line
Those things you said
I hope you choke
A retaliation on the words you spoke

You possess clouded eyes
And you fail to see
That you are killing me

This is the part where I watch you crash
Panic and screaming trying to cover your tracks

A useless effort
I bet you already know
That it's way to fuckin late
You have no where left to go.
So walk away from everything
I know you will regret it
None of this is my fault
So don't you dare forget it

Get the fuck... Up!

And make these words count!
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Make These Words Count Lyrics

As Pure As Plagues – Make These Words Count Lyrics

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