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The Interview Lyrics

Artifacts – The Interview Lyrics

[El Da Sensei]
My characteristics be mistic, you ask who is it
Doin it, with the next type of tecs running through it
The bullshit, I mean, rap style clean
While I lean my 6 foot frame, Tame's the other being
Seeing that niggas wack, time to take it back to basics
Like saucony sneakers or a pair of Asics
Don't hate this- analyst, hip hop activist
Battle tecnician who be on a mission now listen
[Tame One]
Tame One got more grip than gore tex
I'm comin through your set like CBS
Writing my name up in your projects
Who wanna test me when I'm sess-ted
Pushing the paragraph like it's a Lexus
I come off hot like Texas
My west disrtict predicts that I'm the shit
So I walk through the bricks and shoot the gif like it's a full fifth
I bring the ruckus filling dutches with dust
I spread love like Take 6 until the whole spliff bust
We wish to diminish MC frauds who need to check
Into a rap clinic, thinking that they all in it
My message to those is right down to the core
Kick your best MC and all his niggas through the door
3-point offense, defense level's high
Stamina a hundred, leave your team ass dry
It's still our nature to hate ya
Play you out like Las Vegas
Cause my crew's got more game than 16 Segas
With adaptors, battling wack rappers and actors for all their stacks
And keeping my family fucked up like the Jacksons
Yo, you couldn't find my dap if you tried to use a map
Or instructions, the number ones sold, guns be bustin so
Best to recognize, eyes is on the prize
Watching for spies who want a piece of the lyrical pie
Crews be flippin like they really wanna die
But when I ease up, they freeze a
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Songwriters: COREY BERNARD WILLIAMS, Rahem Ross Brown, William E Williams
The Interview lyrics © EMPIRE PUBLISHING, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Royalty Network, Songtrust Ave

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