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Break It Down Lyrics

Artifacts – Break It Down Lyrics

Intro: Mellow Max
Yes, as we continue to get it going on
Artifacts representin from Newark to Illtown
Put your ear to this here
Most definitely it's a sure banger
Keep this one in your collection
Newark to Illtown representin
Who do we have up to bat? (Mc El)
Lace that
Verse One: El the Sensai, Tame One
In this field, niggaz get killed, quick with the skills
Intact, I'll with raps, buildin facts to fill
Gaps react, tap into your internet and patch into
My steez or my style, niggaz down to make the cheese wild
Mc's get defused cause I'm the bomb specialist
With the wettest, test this, deadly like asbestos
Check the credit set it, so odd they have to call a medic
My paragraphs be off key, that's why niggaz can't get it
For those of you who don't know, my flow keeps mc's
On freeze like Sub-Z doin mk3 fatality
Do remember like Clue, I run up on booty crews
On every weekend buggin out cause I be geekin
Lounge like the peppermint the Boom Skwad President
Leaves a tenament resident finding evidence of sedatives
Daily, scoopin through the Roots like Alex Haley
Beetle Bailey beatdown to a soundman lookin scary
Label secretary terrorizer yet I'ma
Fresh rhymer comma bringer of the drama the bomber
From the Lost Lands, off hand claps I run raps
And shatter nigga cyphers into pieces like gun claps
*Dj Kaos cuts and scratches Redman
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