Desperate times, my heart longs for these
The past is like an old friend to me

You'd better know that those days
Were the best you had and you won't forget
Every single thing you did
All the mouths you fed
Everyone you've met
See the blinking in your eyes
When you tell to me how they disagreed
When you said it was no use to be angry with their enemy - the time - the time

You know that it's time to realise where you're standing now
Although you already knew
How it was to be loose someone
It never was this hard
And you can't forget the last words he said
All these memories, you'll see
They will ease your pain, you will find your way
Everlasting faith makes strong
I admire you for the things you do
Now believe me, he will stay
Always at your side, even when the light is pale
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Those Days Lyrics

Art Of Empathy – Those Days Lyrics