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Delusions Of Grandeur Lyrics

Art By Numbers – Delusions Of Grandeur Lyrics

We've compensated our days
We've gone and done it our way
Don't fear what’s to come of us
We've done it plenty of times before

Such a road ahead
We're weighing the impossible at hand
With a break in the passage taken
A comprehension of choice to make
With a silent reserve we ponder
The lasting effects of our ways

We're stuck in this state of ecstasy through debris
Unfortunate times have fallen upon our feet
But we're leading you on to no end
We're only saying what we want you to know

Give us your attention
Taking us so far away
She said the pain is only temporary
We play, and pay her gain

Believe me when I say
We took the simple route towards an honest mistake

Returning the path we fell down almost seems too far
We'll make the most of this
Under the lights the world is ours

We're only straying from ourselves when we break our word
Don't repress it, just embrace the chance to hold on to what’s left

We're only staying until we've taken care of unfinished business
Away, Away she said
They have placed these ambitions on our hands
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