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Drink With Me Lyrics

Arrogant Worms – Drink With Me Lyrics

Drink with me! Drink with me! Drink with me! Drink with me...
I'm startin' to see double, and I just fell of my stool!
I'm sluring all my words and I'm covered in my own drool!
I threw up on my girlfriend and we got into a fight.
Man oh man, what a fargin' great night!
Well, I wake up the next morning and my brain is full of pain!
And I swear to god, I will never drink again.
But, six o'clock rolls around, and there's nothing on T. V.,
So I call up all my buddies, and they come drink with me! Oh
Drink with me... Have a drink to you're health
Then go and throw up on yourself!
Drink with me! Drink with me! Drink with me! Ar!
Well, after six or seven pints I figured I was hosed,
So I had another five until the bar was closed.
I staggered back to my place and I cracked another crate!
When I woke up at sunset I was wearing what I ate.
I threw up in the bathroom it's amazing what I saw!
Peas and corn and bicycle parts and meat that still looked raw!
I stumbled to the kitchen and I had myself a beer!
Alchohol, alchohol you are a friend so dear! So!
Drink with me...
Drink for England drink for France! Drink until you pee your Pants!
Drink with me! Drink with me! Drink with me! Ar!
Woke up at six P. M. I needed liquor and a friend!
So I grabbed a couple bottles and a pig out of it's pen.
Drank a bottle of tequila, playing stupid drinking games,
Then, wandered out into the snow and tried to pee our names.
We staggered to a bar and we ordered up a pint!
The waiter said he couldn't, he said "We don't serve swine! '
The pig, he punched the waiter, grabbed the drinks and oinked at him.
That's no way to talk to my new best friend!
Drink with me...
Ninetynine bottles of beer on the wall! Me and the pig'll drink them all!
Drink with me! Drink with me! Drink with me! Ar!
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