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Time To Rock Lyrics

Army Of The Pharaohs – Time To Rock Lyrics


[Verse 1: Celph Titled]

Army of the Pharaohs, Celph Titled, Let's do this, wha? wha? yeah, yo

Well if 50 got shot nine times and ain't die,
I'ma shoot your ass fifty times with 99 nines,
Throw knives, daggers and darts, ya'll just faggots at heart,
You can try to run home boy I throw javelins far ,
This is the Army but we don't rock camouflage,
We'll dress you up in a suit made out of bandage gauze.
Barnes and Noble rappers,
Yeah you far from crooks,
You was charging books at the same time my charge was booked.
Give me a harder look and I'll slaughter all of ya'll,
No hands and no feet you lucky to be crawlin' off.
Your next birthday call it off, (why?)
Cuz I got party favours with an open bar servin' Molotovs.
Some say I'm gangsta rap, others say I'm horror core,
I say I'm Suge Knight at the '95 Source Awards.
We swingin' swords for sure,
You better gather yourself after my verse fuckface that's what the chorus for.


[Verse 2: Demoz]

Demoz, Demoz, Demoz,
It's the Army of the Pharaohs.
I don't fear junkies the Feds want me, it's the Costa Rican Ted Bundy.
Desert Eagle on my waist, fuck some bread monkeys,
Touch my commissary hungry yous a dead bunky.
You get buried in dirt, I'll McFlurry your earth,
I'll let off like January the 1st.
Leave 'em lit like the 4th of July you either forfeit of die
Knife in your throat with a fork in your eye.
Me and Vinnie spit amity rap,
I bring life to the game, I'm 16 like a battery pack.
Get your whole fucking cavity cracked,
Get your family clapped, I shotgun your whole family splat.
that's your fucking son face on the wall
You got Satan involved look I ain't got no patience at all.
Retaliation is the key to compete so when you see me don't reach get low like you're cleaning your sneaks motherfucker.


[Vinnie Paz]

Yo, Yo
I'm the resurrection of Leather face,
I am the shotty at his head and waist,
Then wrap his body up in plastic leave him dead in lake.
I told you rappers Vinnie Paz is worse than seven snakes,
I'm a statue spittin' venom at you at the heavens gates.
It's black magic when I'm rapping' I can levitate,
Murk your whole entire rapping faction cousin set a date.
It's the only word describing Pazienza devastate.
I'm clappin' now while asking questions later I don't hesitate.
I'm not concerned with human lives so you can vegetate,
How many pounds of pressure does it take for human legs to break?
My blood lust is never quenched it's like an endless chase.
I'll show you the mathematics of God and quickly end your faith.
Celph where the Desert Eagle cousin shred his face,
Show them the type of carnage that bullets in the head creates.
We the reason that rappers never enter several states,
And the reason that Darwin separated men from apes.

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