Chorus: When we are one physics fall apart (repeat four times)
They say there's no God. They're wrong.
They'll know in not too long.

Verse: Physics fall apart in time.
Lines by human minds combine
Torus creating divine;
Excersizing my mind.

(Repeat chorus)

Verse: We are computers programmed by the creator precise.
To think we know all's crazy by our perceptions limit.

Outro: We can't know all there isn't.
We can't see past human vision
For our membrane's programmed limit
Can't go past what's not our business.
When? When will I wake up (never will I)
From this life that I'm dreaming up? (never will I wake up)
I can't know all the answers
Nor follow and trust anothers.
Blind are becomming my two eyes
As my third one opens they critisize
As I go crazy. What can I do?
Now you're just illusion so I'm
Through with you. (wake up)
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Physics Fall Apart Lyrics

Arity – Physics Fall Apart Lyrics