Verse 1:
C gc C
I had a feeling that you're holding my heart
Fc C gc
And I know that it is true
C gc C
You wouldn't let it be broken apart
Fc C gc
'Cause it's much too dear to you
F G Em Am
Forever we'll be together
Dm F G
No one can break us apart
F gf ce Am
For our love will truly be
Dm F G sus G
A wonderful smile in your heart

Verse 2:
C gc C
When the night comes and I'm deep in your arms
Fc C gc
How I feel so much more secure
C gc C
You wouldn't let me close my eyes
Fc C gc
So I can see you through and through

F G Em Am
You're a sweet tender lover
Dm F G
We are so much in love
F gf Em Am
I'm not afraid when you're far away
Dm F G sus-G
Just give me a smile in your heart

You brighten my day
Gf C
You're showing me my direction
You're coming to me
Gf C
And giving me inspiration
C gf
How could I ask for more
From you my dear
Dm G C
Maybe just a smile in your heart

Adlib: C-Fc-C-Bb-Fa-F7 sus
Verse 3:
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A Smile In Your Heart Lyrics

Ariel Rivera – A Smile In Your Heart Lyrics