Do you really believe you can get to me?
Knocking on my door incessantly
You know you don't owe an apology

You're just looking for a way to make it right
A pill to swallow and we fade to white
But I haven't got the appetite
And baby don't ask me why

I'm going to sleep tonight
'Cause I don't know what to do
I'm going to sleep tonight
I don't have the strength for you
And if it's a war you'd like,
You're wasting your time
I'm going to sleep tonight

In the bedroom there's a fading photograph
Of you and I back when we could laugh
Somehow we wound up on a different path

On the stereo is a song we know
She's singing the words and a whistle blows
Is this really the way love's supposed to go?
Nobody seems to know


Love don't feel like it used to
And I don't want to get used to knowing it this way
Baby you know that I want you
But I don't wanna keep pleading with you to stay

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Sleep Tonight Lyrics

Ari Hest – Sleep Tonight Lyrics