My love
Oh baby, my love
It's always been you
You make me so damn happy
I thought I knew who you were
Oh, but after twice around
I can say exactly
Of course this is love
And I never say
I didn't care about you
You sweet thing
But you can't pretend
The serious burn
That I feel in my heart, and there it's
A wedding ring, oh
I got to get over you
Its so hard
Youre my everything
Baby, when I think of us when
It's in the tea leaves
That we won't get our turn
You can't always have
What you want
You have to take the bitter
With the sweet
I'm a big girl
And I know what I want
Three nights in your arms would be
A super treat
Got to tell me baby
Got to get over you
But it's so hard
Because you're my every, everything
When I think about us when
I know it's in the tea leaves
And we won't get our turn
Oh baby
Oh baby
Hey boy
So damn happy
Babe, it's always been you
Oh baby
I'm so happy with my baby
Hey boy, I'm so damn happy
Yes, always with you
Hey boy, I'm so damn happy
I remember the moment
Yeah, baby
Yeah, boy
Forget about it
It's always been you
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So Damn Happy Lyrics

Aretha Franklin – So Damn Happy Lyrics

Songwriters: Aretha Franklin
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