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Staback Lyrics

Arcwelder – Staback Lyrics

(s macdonald)
If I turn my head the other way won't nobody know better
If no one has a thing to say nothing will ever upset her
If I never wear a suit or tie I don't think it will matter
If I strike out while I'm at the plate they'll forgive me with the very next batter

[bridge & chorus]
It seems this thing is killing me and
I can't find a way out
Everything that's been done 's been done for ease
Eliminate possibilities
I choke myself with my own hand
I'm drawing circles in the sand

When my hands are cold and my hair is gray will they ever remember
When my eyes were bright will it all be December
When it comes down to my own true thoughts I always think about leaving
When I run away and I leave the rest who will be doing the grieving

[bridge & chorus]

And I don't know what I do this for is it only a living
And I forget it all when I close the door could it be mine for the giving
And I try to bring myself around think about something or other
And my head is down and I hide myself from the eyes of a staring big brother

[bridge & chorus]
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