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Seven Nation Army (Remix) Lyrics

Archie Star – Seven Nation Army (Remix) Lyrics

Jack... Yeah... Flip it
Surprise... 4... 3... 2... Drop
The curtin my peoples are sworkin(?)
You peepin toms yall need to stop lurkin'
You spying, talking, I aint c*** blocking
You don't no the time, you watch, but stop flockin'
So we switch it, hit some ohter bitches,
Non of yalls buissnes who we wanna chill with.
And we flip shit,
Steadily aflickted,
Readily aquipted,
With shit that gets ya twisted (oh ya missed it?)
Its a feliny, a sickness, the melody redic'liss
Ya yellin who ya click is (what?)
But we don't really give a shit kid (sh'yeah)
Drinks in hands we landed double fisted (us)
A. M. P. Is the non fagtition
Pray to me and I'll grant you your wishes (yess)
Misses mills and miss wilson... You...
Its not a diss, so bitch it's just (that's true)
Its a ode to night life (uh)
Stain your brain witha load of white strips (now)
Now ya feel where I'm commin from
Come and give the drummer some
I'm gunna laugh at yall (ha ha ha ha)
Why ya standing lookin bord holding up the wall
But I aint mad at yall (naw)
Cuz I'm an alcholic to and I aint stoping at all
Come on lets go
March to the bar
Buy yourself a drink
Why we get drunk, it's so we can't think
So many problems more then just one
Travel the world with girls... We trust none
Well maybe one
Ya that's wifey
Girl to leave my side it's not likely
Stand strong lets rock the party
And build a fan like a 7 nation army

Break yourself X2

From the regular routine
Ya dun fucked up
Gunna gets some rougine (cant)
Crush ya dreams
Ya out before that
Drop a hard core track
Spit out the war raps
Glorious scriptures
Repressed detel liftul and ignore the picture
Can't define mixtures
Venimis sharkness swimming with the sharks
Is sticking to your darkness
I love life
Found christ bound you on you happiness
Made ya realise you paid a powerful price
You may no princible, respect and honer
Yall can hate... Can't crack our armor
Now ya feel fear that your karma is gunna get you
Choose right from wrong
Yo... It wont sweat you
Happened to my ching while I was working my jeans
That's me and your peeps... Neil dron... 6G
[Chorus: X2]
Like a 7 nation army X2
So we switch it
Respect and honer
Can't crack our armor
And we flip shit
You karma is gunna get you
It wont sweat you
Oh you missed it
While I'm working my G
A yall P neil dron 6G
You... That's you
Yes... That's you
That's true
That's you
That's true
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