Swarthy men at war with nature,
Wearing slutty furs and leather;
Camping in all kinds of weather;
Looking forward to their future!
Sweaty bearded voyageurs!
But lifting canoes isn't easy,
Especially when your bowels are greasy!
The voyageur's Achilles heel:
The overworked stomachal wall!
Severe discomfort! Voyageurs!
All heroes in some way are weak:
Our voyageur has sprung a leak!
Eschewing that abominable truss,
His abdominal defect turned gangrenous!
Shitty leaking voyageurs!
Fifty percent of voyageur deaths
Are the result of lifting trademark heft!
Respect yourself and take it easy!
Especially if your bowels are greasy!
Happy healthy voyageurs!
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Hernie Dans Un Voyageur Chagrinant Lyrics

Archagathus – Hernie Dans Un Voyageur Chagrinant Lyrics