Ohhh... I'm so sorry we could have worked it out. but you just had to
Walk out that door. I hoped we could have fixed it so this is all I have
Left to say to you is that I'm sorry......

I'm sorry baby(for losing you) This once the last chance we had
And you didn't hear a thing I ever said and now all I have to say is
That I'm sorry( for losing you).

Ohhhh.... This is it your just gonna walk out(I have no choice). well to this
Day all I have to say is I'm So Sorry........ We had our chance but we lost it.
Ohhh and this all I have left to say is sorry yeah.........

Repeat chours(x2)

Yeahhh this is it I'm sorry for losing you............
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Sorry( For Losing You) Lyrics

Aqua – Sorry( For Losing You) Lyrics