The cold war may be over, but the threat remains the same
As politicians continue to play their nuclear games
Old enemies are friends now, but the weapons are still aimed
The leaders promise cutbacks while the military is retained

The generals had strategized to win a nuclear war
They're following the battle plans today just like before
The bombers are still flying with targets an hour away
Without enemies it's pointless, but the army needs to play

To maintain their existence though the justification's gone
No one dares to stop them-they've been at it far too long
The economy's dependent upon the warfare state
With numerous jobs created by the urge to decimate

Computer targeting systems so the missiles always hit
And nuclear power plants to make explosives with
Polymer construction so the missiles will fly straight
And millions of employees who are paid well to create

The weapons of destruction which keep them all employed
There'll be no job security when the whole world is destroyed

The cold war may be over, but the threat is still there
And the public's so deluded that they don't seem to care
That despite all the turmoil the weapons are in place
And politicians are as likely to destroy the human race
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False Sense Of Security Lyrics

A//Political – False Sense Of Security Lyrics