[Funkmaster flex sample]
[Celph Titled]
Yo what the fuck are yall thinkin'
Lettin Apathy get on the mic
That's like unleashing a fucking atomic bomb
Yo this is Celph Titled the mutherfuckin mother molester
Yo Apathy rip the spines outta these mutherfuckers
I'm gonna spit an incredible verse
Your head'll reverse and burst
Till blood chemicals squirts all over medical shirts
Professional works of arts spark exceptional words
Short circuit mics and cause an electrical surge
Rhymes shine like lights off of pieces of ice
My speech is precise
Psyche like telekinesis in fights
Rhymes reaches heights of beacons and satellites
What man can scan Venus and find pieces of mics
My fetus type was genius like
Spit with the speed of light
Strike in the night
Strip you of your adidas stripe
You see this indy white
Cause you couldn't be this tight
I'ma torture your wife while my fist squeezes the vice
Which unleashes the spikes
Brains leeches and mice
Right on the beaches in spice
Till she screeches with fight [aahh]
The meanest to recite reaches for the weakest device
And releases to the people saying jesus he's nice
I'm a bad man
Managed to damage an amateur
While I slap slackers and backpackers
My raps shatters you wack matter forever
Clever and still better with skill to sever your head
So bet that I'm ill
On the best records erected and ripped it in record
I erupted and ruptured your wack label built into wreckage
Respect this Apathetic is magnetic electric effected

And known to charge negative when I set it
[Chorus x2]
1, 2, 3, to the 3, 2, 1 so hot with the tongue I can melt down the sun
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Just Begun Lyrics

Apathy – Just Begun Lyrics