Hook plays once
"I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings
I have no rival, no man can be my equal. "
I spit, to make the mic like a flammable torch
"It's understandable" my mind is a mechanical force
And I'm a cannibal my mandible is chewin' ya corpse
"I'm tyrannical, a vandle of intangible sorts
Not a mineral a mammal or an animal, I'm.
Metaphysical, the syllables in critical rhymes
Flows blowin' off ya limbs like invisible mines
Been invincible with rhymes since the biblical times
A warlord with a sword from the Mongul Horde
Speak the tongue of the lord, to bless my vocal chords
They tried to resurrect hip-hop, but faith is gone
So I'll take it over by force like Ghengis Khan
If you say it ain't raw, you better pray to Allah
Cuz I got an arrow that'll travel straight thru the jaw
Got breath control, flow like a ship with a sail
Divine when I spit, like if I sipped from the grail
Cuz I'm immortal
Hook repeats twice
"I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings
I have no rival, no man can be my equal. " immortal
[Verse 2:]
I'm underground like communities of homeless bums
Sleepin' by the third rail where the A Train runs
My brain strains to lift freight trains from off the ground
When I'm walkin' around, I'm the talk of the town
Cuz I harness mental powers scientists don't understand
So I'm on the low hiding from the average man
In a bad savage land I'm rockin' a gas mask
With black gats attached to snaps on back packs
To easily grip, when frequency blips
Alert me to intruders in the sewers where I secretly sit

Fine tunin' my rhymes until I got the hottest style
Then wrestle the mi
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Immortal Lyrics

Apathy – Immortal Lyrics

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