[Pretty Tone Capone]

Ahh in the motherfuckin house!

This is the Pretty Tone Capone

And I'm here with my motherfuckin man, motherfuckin Apache

And don't give a fuck!

Here to let you motherfuckers know how to make money

So whassup with that?Loot for your pocket troop!

Y'knowhatI'msayin?Wouldn't you rather be a rich bitch

than a fuckin broke hoe?So bitches listen up

and take heed to the motherfuckin word


Yo I sleep all day, stay up all night scramblin

My palms got an itch, fuck a bitch, time for gamblin

Cee-lo, 4-5-6 with the quickness

Flip trips, flip your script, and dump on my shitlist

I doubt if you got the clout to outlast

Time to get money, don't make me crack a can of whip-ass

I'm kind of shady - rugged relentless and rude

I'm cessted, drunk, plus I'm in a real fucked up mood

Since the dough is low and the arsenal's thick

I got a few tricks, I'm quick to pick a vic'

Pick 'em up, time to stick 'em up it ain't funny

Listen honey I want MO' MONEY MO' MONEY

Make a move, try to swing, I knew you wasn't

Wanna live God forgives Apache doesn't

So to borrow 'til tomorrow just find a car shop

Pop the lock then drop it off at the chop spot

Like Robin Hood, no fuckin good, that's what you wanted

Instead of robbin the rich, I rob my bitch then go get blunted

My pockets are gettin thicker quicker I want more

Here's the scoop troop, more loot than a money store

If you're broke, shut the fuck up (HO!!!!)

I thought so - and I don't need a break hoe

Speakin of hoes and dough, they know how to spend it

Ladies listen up, let me talk to you for a minute, c'mon


Yo wait, hold the fuck up

Yo Apache, how the fuck you gonna tell the niggaz how to get dough

and not tell the BITCHES how to get some money?

The fuck is wrong with you, you crazy or somethin?


Here's a few ways to get paid, proceed with caution

Tell your man you need money for an abortion

Check his pockets while sleep, creep, don't get caught

Don't want him to take back all the shit he already bought

Keep a stash, strictly cash, and think hard

See somethin you like?Fuck it, put it on his credit card

Tell me who do you prefer, a man or a mack?

On the flip-flop, don't stop to shop at Jack's

With sex appeal, be real I don't understand

fake hair and nails, and you're lookin for a real man

Some dance for dollars, holla cause I know you know

cause some plain old hoes just FUCK for dough

Use your imagination, why think small

Instead of takin half, fuck it, why not take it all?

Don't be a dumb broad, a fraud, a phony

You just end broke, no blunt to smoke, and lonely

Use your pussy as a tool, that's how you want it G

Don't waste it, put it on sale, but never free

Fuck your way to the top, don't be a slob

If none of that shit works, then fuck it, buy the job

It takes more to be a rich bitch with big tits

If your man is broke, don't listen to his bullshit

Speakin of men, we know how to make the money

But it's up to you to take it honey

[Pretty Tone Capone]

Word to mother my motherfuckin man just told you what you had to do

So if you wanna just lay back and be blazed

you'll damn sure play the fool

You think we won't fuck the shit out of you bitches?

You better get real, word to mother

What the fuck's up, what the fuck is goin on with that shit?

A crook is 'sposed to have his hand in your motherfuckin pocketbook

Play yourself out

(Make money money, make money money money)

(Take money, take money)

(Make money money, make money money money)
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Make Money Lyrics

Apache – Make Money Lyrics