(Verse 1)

Back on the fuckin track again
Puttin an end, to people talkin shit again
Fuck a gun, I'll whip your fuckin ass unarmed
I'll have your fuckin ass screamin louder than fire alarm
When my fire bomb goes off and blows off your fuckin arm
Push you outta harms way, so I'll give you the fuckin harm
You think I'm talkin shit and can't back none of it up?
Well fuck it, here's my address bitch, fuckin listen up
60051 Doster Road bitch, come and get some
Oh, I forgot, Amory, Mississippi
I wanna see you fuckin faggots come and try to get me
I don't need drugs to make me like this, I'm a sober demon
Cut your fuckin leg off till you're tippin over, leanin
My rhymes'll invade your brain, they'll leave your mind bleedin
Let me choke your wind pipe, you tell me if it's hard breathin

{Chorus [x2]}

The anger in me, is now released
It'll never cease to be, cause you've woken up the beast

(Verse 2)

Ah shit, you done let the beast out
Comin up real quick to knock your fuckin teeth out
Oh poor little old fuckin Mr. Spindle
About as hard as clay, and as little as a thimble
I slowed my shit down, cause you said my rhymes were too speedy
But fuck it, I'm sick of this shit, you can't control me
I'll put your name on my blade, so you'll take your name in vein
Terrorist attack fame, just like I'm Saddam Hussein
Under both your eyelids I'll put pictures of me
So when I knock you the fuck out, visions of me is all you'll see
I'm pissed off, feel ripped off, gotta shoot some clips off
I'll stab you with a wristwatch, while that bitch goes tick-tock
Spin-spin-spin Mr. Spindle
I'll spin yo ass around and chop you up iside a blender
I'll choke you with both my hands, just like I'm ambidextrial
Cut off oxygen to your brain to turn you into a vegetable

{Chorus [x2]}

Uh-oh Spindle, it's that time to get your Tampax
I won't pump you full of lead, I'll pump you full of anthrax
You'll get smacked, and slapped into a fucking corner
I'll fuck you up so back someone will call the coroner
Under suspiscion that this was done under intention
You'll be wishin that you had never been dissin
And pissin off the wrong people, so just listen
Fuck with me again and I will put you outta commision

{Chorus [x2]}


Fuck you Spindle
You can suck my motherfuckin dick
Try to diss me in a fuckin Myspace message
You piece of shit
Shut the fuck up
Bye bye bitch
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To All My Haters Lyrics

A.O.N. – To All My Haters Lyrics