{Chorus [x2]}

Hey pops! Whatcha got?
I gotta. 85 mag, we gon pop some cops
I gotta championship ring, we gon pop some tops
You feelin froggy? Then leap, I'll show ya what I got


I gotta flow that's ice cold, and words that match
I gotta swag like Weezy, and his Birdman dad
I gotta bank full of money, and a money bag
I gotta dick that's well endowed, and I don't mean to brag
But I'll show you what I got, I'm headed for the top
I'll make their asses drop, while they rub it on my c***
While I'm pullin out my glock, you get shot in the chop shop
I'm rockin it on the block, and I ain't never gonna stop
I got beats that are tenacious, they'll stick into your brain
I've gotta mind full of rhymes that'll do your ass the same
I've gotten mad respect since I've got up in the game
But I have my own style, and that shit ain't gon never change
My rhymes'll invade your mind, you'll be screamin brain rape
I've been a terror on this earth since my first birthday
They wanna censor up my shit before they sell my tape
Well, you know what, fuck em is what I fuckin say

{Chorus [x2]}

[Verse 2:]

It doesn't get any better with verse number two
I'll split you wig so quick that you'll feel like a fuckin fool
I empty out full clips from my big ass tool
Look at me, I wear a crown, like a king, I rule
I pay attention so much that you'll think that I'm on Ritalin
Attention span so long that that shit ain't gon never end
When my record's finished spinnin, you're like play that shit again
Cause you never heard nobody like this playa A. O. N.
Hey, hey ladies! Look how fast my tongue moves
Sup baby? Does that get you in the mood?
Do you wan't my tongue way deep inside of you?
Haha bitch, I was playin with you
Now don't get me wrong, I love the women a lot
But I'm not desperate enough to fuck you just because you're hot
But if I'm with you I won't hesitate to taste your crotch
My tounge'll be on your pussy like a druggy on pot

{Chorus [x2]}


Haha, you're damn right
I'll show you what I fuckin got
Aight, this has been another A. O. N. Song
Hit me up, aight
Aight, wanna see what I got?
You feelin froggy? Leap bitch
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I'll Show Ya What I Got Lyrics

A.O.N. – I'll Show Ya What I Got Lyrics