Closed my eyes burned them tonight
İn my world there is nolight
İn these days I feel alone
Do you know I feel alone?

You're so weak but can't I'm strong
And the pain, that turns you on
İn these days you feel alone?
Don't complain that you're alone

And I know just want to die
İf I do it would you cry?
Do you know I want to die?
Realize I want to die

Same mistakes made all the time
Although you lose, you don't realize
İn these days you want to die?
Noone cares if you die

You suck by repeating yourself
Doing the same things all the time

You suck!
Don't repeat youself
You suck!
Don't repeat youself

You suck, you suck!
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Autosuck Lyrics

Antisilence – Autosuck Lyrics